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In May 2015, 11,640 dental assistants were employed in the state of Pennsylvania, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With a projection of 360 openings annually, dental assisting is a hot industry right now. Whether you’re looking to take the first step in this new career field, or you want to take your current dental assisting career to the next level, KTI is where you need to be.

Option 1: I want to become a dental assistant.

So, you’re graduating high school soon and you’re interested in becoming a dental assistant. Or, maybe you’re ready to pursue a new career path altogether.

Although there are no education or training requirements to perform basic supportive dental procedures specified by the Pennsylvania state dental practice act under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist, pursuing an education as a dental assistant and preparing for certification gives you the competitive edge that employers want.

It also means higher pay. The median hourly wage for dental assistants is $15.06; some certified and licensed dental assistants make as much as $21 an hour.

By investing in your career training now, you gain skills that make you an excellent candidate for dental employers. KTI offers two dental assistant programs perfect for you: dental assistant diploma program and dental assistant specialist AST degree program.

The dental assistant diploma program gives you the boost you need to start your career fast. It can be completed in just 10 months, and you’ll prep for CPR/First Aid and several other certifications, including Radiation Health and Safety (RHS), Infection Control (IC), and Certified Dental Assistant.

You can prep for all of this, plus Expanded Function Dental Assistant (EFDA) skills, in 18 months with the dental assistant specialist AST degree program. By the end of this program, you’ll be able to perform 10 EFDA functions, giving you a better advantage in your career.

Both programs equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed:

  • Processing digital and analogy x-rays
  • Recording dental histories, accurate charting, and other office procedures
  • Aiding in dental labs
  • Sterilizing dental instruments
  • Knowledge of amalgam, matrices, and rubber dams


Option 2: I’m already a dental assistant, but I want more training to increase my marketability.

Kudos for seeking additional certifications to boost your dental assisting career! Our Expanded Function Dental Assistant (EFDA) program is perfect for any dental assistant wanting to refine their skills or get extra certifications within their current position.

Becoming an EFDA will give you stronger knowledge for assisting dentists. It can also boost your salary—on average, EFDA’s make a median hourly wage of $17. Others make upwards of $25 an hour.

Our Expanded Function Dental Assistant (EFDA) program can be completed in 10 months. The program will prepare you to:

  • Place and remove rubber dams and matrix band procedures
  • Perform composite resins, contouring materials, clamps and procedure
  • Assist dentists during dental treatment procedures
  • Place and finish amalgam and composite restorations

You’ll also prep to sit for the Pennsylvania state licensure. We agree that work and family come first, so our EFDA program can be completed within one evening plus Saturday classes for 10 months to meet your needs.

Whether you’re an aspiring dental assistant or want to further your skills, KTI is here to help. Visit our dental programs page to learn more. 

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