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Of CareerCast‘s list of the best jobs of 2016, five are computer related—and it’s not hard to see why. Careers like computer systems analyst and information security analyst are expected to grow by 18% to 21% this year, which means these jobs are in hot demand!

Employers looking to hire in this field want skilled computer technicians who are educated in technological advancements—and can also perform at peak efficiency.

That’s where KTI comes in.

Our Computer, Network and Cloud Technologies AST degree program prepares you to be at the forefront of computer innovation. You’ll learn the skills needed to succeed in the field, including how to install and manage complex hardware and software systems for businesses and other organizations.

So, what jobs can you get with a computer technology degree?

  1. Computer TechnicianProvides technical assistance to computer users, resolves computer problems, and assists with computer hardware and software
    • Projected Job Growth: Faster than average (9% – 13%)
  2. Network Systems Analyst: Studies computer systems, procedures and design information systems solutions to help organizations operate more effectively and efficiently
    • Projected Job Growth: Much faster than average (21% or higher)
  3. Information Security AnalystPlans and carries out security measures to protect an organization’s computer networks and systems from cyberattacks, develops security standards and best practices, and helps computer users when they need to install or learn about new security products or procedures
    • Projected Job Growth: Faster than average (9% – 13%)
  4. Help Desk Administrator: Provides help and advice to people and organizations using computer software or equipment, troubleshoots networks, and performs regular maintenance to ensure networks operate correctly
    • Projected Job Growth: Faster than average (12%)
  5. Software Developer: Develops, creates, and modifies general computer applications software and utility programs, analyzes user needs and develops software solutions, and provides optimum operational efficiency
    • Projected Job Growth: Much faster than average (14% or higher)

Ready to begin your exciting career in computer technology? Get started by visiting KTI and seeing what our Computer, Networking and Cloud Technologies program is all about. 

George Vujasin, Jr, BS, MCSA, MCSE, MCP, MCT, A+, is the Computer/Network Education Department Head at KTI

Sources: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and O*NET Online

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