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Have you seen the September issue of Harrisburg magazine? We sat down with the magazine to talk career training schools and the stable financial future they can provide.

According to the article, there are approximately 110,000 students attending private, postsecondary career and trades schools throughout Pennsylvania. These students are turning to career training schools like KTI to start their careers faster with more hands-on, professional experience and, in most cases, less student loan debt.

“Career schools have an absolute place in providing an alternative for folks looking to gain further education,” KTI President Dave Snyder told the magazine. “If this sector does not exist, what I suggest people do is take a look around at everyday life, and ask yourself, ‘What would life be without these trained individuals?'”

Career training schools like KTI prepare students with skills they need to fill many of today’s most in-demand careers. These include jobs like medical assistant, computer technician, electrician, HVAC technician, and more.

“When you want to eliminate, or exclude, or expunge the career-school industry, you are going to have a huge void,” Snyder says in the article. “There is no mechanic, no one at the doctor’s office, no electrician. We do a lot when it comes to helping the world we live in function. I think it is important that folks understand that is a viable alternative.”

Our friends at Harrisburg magazine hit the nail on the head with this article. Check out the full story, then give us a call.

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