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The KTI Difference

KTI isn’t like every other school. Take some time to research other institutions and you’ll find that, at KTI, there’s a difference. We strive every day to provide applicable, career-focused education that matches student goals with employer needs. And we’ve determined the best way to accomplish this is to appoint staff and faculty who know their field, who teach their material effectively, and who genuinely care about the success of their students. That’s how KTI succeeds, and we’re committed to keeping it that way. Read More…>>


News and Events

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May Events

May 1-Massage Event-Department of Transportation-Sky & Students doing chair massages 9am-330pm (CANCELLED)

May 1-In- Service (Day)-  Day students do NOT have class.  Day Faculty & Career Services must attend

May 5-Culinary & Massage Event-CW15 Luncheon “Cinco de Mayo”-Culinary students will be providing lunch & Massage providing chair massages.

May 6-PAC- Allied Health (MBIC/HIT) 6pm to 8pm

May 7-Culinary Event- Superchef-Culinary students volunteering to help at the chef competition at Hershey Lodge (1pm-9:30pm)

May 7-PAC-ECE 6pm to 8pm

May 8- Roundtable 1pm-3pm- for all day externs – In Room 309- Dept. Heads must attend (Take Child Abuse online cert)

May 8-PAC-PFT/PMTS/HHFS 9am to 12pm

May 9-DFS Power Walk (8am to 1pm) - Massage will do chair massages at Hershey Medical Center for  Dress for Success

May 12- Uniform Sizing 11am-2pm- for all upcoming starts

May 12-PAC-Dental 6pm-8pm

May 12- KASPP Dinner & Meeting 5:30pm-8pm-for sterile processing program

May 12-Baking & Pastry Field Trip-Hershey Story-Baking and Pastry students going to chocolate lab/Hershey Story

May 13-Thirty One Party- At lunches for day students 10am-1pm and Eve students 7pm

May 14- Birthdays & Student of the Month Award 12pm & 7pm- All students, staff & faculty

May 14- Uniforms Sizing 3pm-6pm for all upcoming starts

May 14- Roundtable 6pm-8pm- for all evening externs- In LRC

May 14-PAC-CNCT 6pm to 8pm

May 15- Meet & Greet (6/8 starts) 10am-1pm- this is for all incoming June 8th starts. THIS IS NOT A DRESS DOWN DAY!

May 18-ACF Meeting 7pm-9pm

May 18-BP Speaker- Sweet Confections- 9am to 11am all BP students – location Pastry Lab

May 19-Dauphin County Technical School Visit-9:30am-1:45pm culinary students – visit and demos by chefs

May 20-PAC-CAS/BP 3pm to 5pm

May 20-High School Scholarship Award Ceremony-5:45pm to 7:30pm in Activity Center. High School Senior recipients and parents receive award & ice cream sundaes.

May 21-Massage Event 11am-4pm for the Chamber of Commerce “Ladies Who Lead”- This is an event for Massage

May 21-PAC-ERC 6pm to 8pm

May 22-Career Search Guest Speaker 12:30 PM-Country Meadows

May 22- Roundtable 1pm-3pm- for all day externs – In Room 309- Dept. Heads must attend

May 22-CCMA Test at 1pm- Medical Assistant students on extern or grads

May 22-PAC-CJ 11am to 1pm

May 25- NO CLASSES- All students, staff & faculty are off due to Memorial Day

May 26-Campus Hall Meeting- will be at 10am for Day students and 6pm for evening students

May 26-Baking & Pastry Field Trip- -Baking and Pastry students going to Sophia’s on Market

May 22-PAC- Allied Health (MA/MAS) 6pm to 8pm

May 28- Roundtable 6pm-8pm- for all evening externs- In LRC

May 28- PAC-PLS 6pm to 8pm

May 30-Womens Expo-Millersville Cake Demo- baking and pastry students doing a cake demo


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